Power BI Live – Covid-19 Status

Key Requirement: Provide dashboard for quick latest worldwide and country daily status of Covid-19 infection cases, deaths and recovery.

Delivered: Power BI dashboard design and interactivity with DAX, data preparation from feeds with M / PowerQuery.

Below is an example of an interactive Power BI report refreshed daily (early hours GMT) from public datafeeds by Johns Hopkins University, who have become key data gatherers and providers for Sky News, BBC etc.

It’s also hosted on the Microsoft Power BI Community Data Stories Gallery.

Sort by column in the country matrix grid and hover over for detail or click to filter, or the top Search box for specific countries.

  • Clean and simplified dashboard consolidating metrics from latest daily feed.
  • Power BI with data preparation in PowerQuery (“M”).
  • Headline and Detail charts across timelines using calendar structure for filtering.
  • Visualisations expandable in focus mode to check latest patterns and changes in rates.

Data is set to disallow download of all base data so it remains protected and should be obtained from source. We hold no responsibility for its accuracy or usage.

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