Power Apps


Create a Power App running on Android/iOS/Browser allowing data entry, updating and viewing.

Need to get data into the system for easy management? Want it to run on phones and tablets, with point and click functionality for your staff?

Power Apps run on Android, iOS and Browsers – and are maintainable and supported by Microsoft and a dedicated Community. Use a quick Excel workbook or SharePoint List for datasources, but real power comes from database integration, including SQL Server. Power Automate and Power BI are also ready to provide workflows and analytics for insights on that data.

App development is usually costly in time and money. You could learn the essentials and run up your own app, or use us to apply best practices and ensure a robust app operates cleanly for your business.

We offer this convenient fixed price for a basic App (subject to requirement), and will quote on any extensions if needed. Just contact us.

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